As of August 1, 2021, the Village of Dalton has contracted with CCA - Division of Taxation  to administer all income tax functions, including payment and tax returns. 
The Village's income tax structure remains the same, the tax rate is still 1% with 100% residence credit, not to exceed 1% for taxes paid to another municipality.

Please contact CCA - Division of Taxation, Monday through Friday, at 1.822.223.6317 or 216.664.2070 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  

Additional information is on their website at

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Q. Who must file?
A. All full or part time residents of the Village 18 years of age and older are required to file a yearly tax return whether or not any tax is due. Also, any nonresident who owns rental property within the Village limits must file an annual tax return.

Q. What is the income tax rate?
A. The Village of Dalton's income tax rate is 1%. This is payable on you're gross income.

Q. What if my employer already withholds tax?
A. The Village will give credit up to 1% for taxes paid to another municipality. If the tax base is less then 1%, the balance is paid to the Village. If it is more then 1%, no credit is given for the difference since the original tax was not paid to the Village.

Q. What if I moved during the year?
A. Whether you moved into or out of the Village, you are still liable for the time of the year you resided within the Village limits. You should always notify the tax department of any address changes.

Q. When is the return due?
A. The return is due April 15. Penalty and interest will be added accordingly for those who file late.

Q. Are business or rental losses deductible for W-2 wages?
A. No

Q. What about military income?
A. Military pay is not taxable for the Village.

Q. Is disability income taxable?
A.  Partial disability income is taxable for the Village; permanent disability income is not taxable for the Village.