M-F: 8:00a -4:00p
Closed Wednesdays

(330) 828-2221
Fax: (330) 828-8346

The Village of Dalton is seeking a qualified individual to for an Administrative Assistant to the Mayor.  The Administrative Assistant will assist the mayor in performing his duties as directed. Must have knowledge in Microsoft office applications, Grant writing, and excellent customer service skills.  
Qualified applicants can apply by sending your resume to or filling out an application at village hall.  Deadline to apply is June 11, 2024 by 3pm.

On May 23, 2024, Mr. Blake Nussbaum, Sr., the Mayor of the Village of Dalton resigned. By operation of law, Mr. Patrick Sword, the President Pro Tempore of the Village Council became the mayor and will hold office until his successor is elected at the next regular municipal election in November 2025. The Village Council assures its undisturbed continuous operation as a five-member council authorized by the laws of the State of Ohio. Any questions could be sent to

The Village of Dalton is accepting applications for the following positions: 
Water/Wastewater Superintendent
Applicants must possess a class 1 water and a class 2 wastewater license. Hold a current driver's license with a class B CDL. If interested and to see the full description of the job details, please stop by village hall to drop off a resume and fill out an application.

The village offices will be closed the following days.
Every Wednesday the village hall is closed. 

Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
8am to 4pm

Taxpayers/Village Residents:  The Municipal Income Tax Rate for the Village of Dalton will increase from 1.0% to 1.5% effective JANUARY 1, 2024.  Residents and businesses will be receiving letters from CCA in December.  Click here for details.

The Village of Dalton submits its financial data to the Ohio Checkbook. The Ohio Checkbook serves as the singular and most trusted resource for Ohioans to obtain both local and state financial information. The Ohio Checkbook is a result of a joint initiative from two first-of-their-kind sites, and Ohio's Interactive Budget. The collective effort enhances government transparency by providing real-time state financial and transactional data. Users can view online government spending, as well as how revenue is allocated. Click here to be directed to the site.

Click here for Ohio's new fireworks law

Village of Dalton offers a text alert system to keep residents informed of official Village information. Contact Village Hall at 330.828.2221 to be included in this service.

Drinking Water Notice November 2020

Upcoming public meetings in the Village:

Regular Meetings (held at Village Hall unless noted otherwise):

BPA Committee -Takes place the 3rd Monday of every month starting @ 5:00pm
Finance Committee -Takes place the 3rd Monday of every month starting @ 5:30pm
Village Council Regular Meeting -Takes place the 3rd Monday of every month starting @ 6pm.

CANCELLED!!  THE MEETING WILL BE RESCHEDULED AT A LATER TIME.  Special Meeting- June 11.2024 @ 6:30pm . Meeting will take place at Village Hall.
Agenda: To interview and Hire for the position of Administrative Assistant to the Mayor if council so chose to do so. 

Click here for December Ordinances and Resolutions.

Mayor Patrick Sword- Term Starting May 23, 2024
Email Address: 


President,  Vacant until voted on at council meeting June 17th, 2024 

Cheryl Drew        Term Ending December 31, 2027

Terry Johns         Term Ending December 31, 2025

Blake Nussbaum        Term Ending December 31, 2025

Steve Rabatin             Term Ending December 31, 2025

David Gibson          Term Ending December 31, 2027

2024 COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS:  2024 Committee Member Assignments
The water and sewer departments question can be directed to

For questions concerning billing, Village Hall can be reached at 330-828-2221 or

BPA Handbook Rev 7/2023​​​

2022 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)​​​

Francis Woodruff
Kirsten Drew
Dave Nussbaum
Clerk- Cindy Guleff 

Residential or Commercial Tap-in Fee - $2000.00 plus applicable charges

Monthly water usage charges for residential or commercial accounts:
$5.50 per 1,000 gallons up to the first 3,000 gallons of water usage (minimum charge $16.50);
$7.70 per 1,000 gallons after the first 3,000 gallons of water usage;

Water usage rates are 50% higher outside Village limits.

Bulk water sales:
$20.00 per thousand gallons, plus $40.00 meter hook up fee per day.


Residential Tap-in Fee, in or out of the Village Limits- $2,500.00 per residential dwelling unit,

Additional charges may apply to residential tap in fees.

Commercial Tap-in Fee, in or out of the Village limits, is based on the size of the building:
$2,500.00 for a commercial unit less than 2,500 sq ft;
$5,000.00 for a commercial unit between 2,500 -4,999 square ft;
$7,500.00 for a commercial unit between 5,000 - 14,999 sq ft.;
$7,500.00 for a commercial unit over 15,000 sq ft, plus an additional $100.00 for every 1,000 sq ft over 15,000 sq ft.

Additional charges may apply to commercial tap-in fees.

Monthly sewer usage charges for residential or commercial accounts:
$10.34/1000 gallons for usage up to 3000 gallons (minimum charge $31.10)
$10.34/1000 gallons for usage between 3001 to 25,000 gallons
$11.81/1000 gallons for usage over 25,001 gallons

Sewer rates are 50% higher outside Village limits

A 10% discount on water and sewer rates is available for residents 65 years of age and older.

ACH Payment Authorization
Senior Discount Application
Application for Water and Sewer Services

Contact Village Hall with billing questions at (330) 828-2221 ext: 1003 or email ​​​​


Backflow Prevention


What is Backflow?

Backflow can be described as "a reversal of the normal direction of flow within a piping system or as "the flow of water or other liquids, mixtures or substances into the distribution pipes of a potable water supply from any source other then the intended source of the potable water supply.

The potential for a backflow condition occurring in a water system is all too likely in many of our homes, factories and public buildings. The existence of improper plumbing connections presents cross-connections that may, under backflow conditions, permit the water to flow the wrong way within the piping.

The probability of backflow taking place at any given outlet may actually be very small. But in view of the large number of service connections, the multiple cross-connections at each service connection and the potential for cross-connections to be created, than the probability becomes very significant and must be dealt with in a positive manner.

What is Cross-Connection?

A cross-connection can be described as “any arrangement whereby backflow can occur”, or as “any arrangement of pipes, fittings, fixtures, or devices that connects a non-potable water system to a potable water system”. It is the point at which a water-using fixture is connected to the water user's potable water system.

An unprotected cross-connection provides the path or route through which backflow can occur.
It can be:

  • Permanent or temporary
  • Actual or potential
  • Direct (subject to backpressure & back siphonage) such as a boiler or indirect (subject to back siphonage only) such as a toilet tank fill valve

Some of the more common examples are:

  • boiler make-up lines
  • chiller make-up lines
  • fire protection systems
  • spray hoses
  • suction tees or aspirators
  • urinals
  • tanks or vats with a submerged inlet
  • X-ray & photo developing equipment
  • irrigation systems
  • commercial grade dishwashers
  • hand-held lawn sprayers
  • pressure washers
  • commercial grade garbage disposals or grinders
  • soap, sanitizer, or wax induction systems
  • a janitor's sink with a hose attached
  • hose bibs with a hose attached
  • toilet tanks

 Please report any suspected cross-connections to the Village of Dalton at (330) 828-2221.

Questions and Answers About Cross-Connection Control

Backflow Regulations Update from the Ohio EPA

To View or download the Village of Dalton's 2023 Consumer Confidence Report, Click here
To View or download the Village of Dalton's 2022 Consumer Confidence Report, Click here

Paper copies available at Village Hall by request.  Contact 330.828.2221 ext:1003 or email

Utility Assistance​​​
Pavilion Rental

Mill Street - $15.00
(Per day / Per pavilion)

Freet Street -$50.00
(Per day / Per Pavilion)

Rental of the pavilions provides access to the park amenities provided they are not separately reserved by another party.

Baseball Fields

Mill Street - $75.00
(Per day)

Freet Street - $75.00
(Per day / Per field)

Basketball Court

Freet Street -$150.00
(Per day / Includes one pavilion)

Refundable Security Deposit - $100.00

Entire Village Green Park - $750.00

Contact Village Hall at (330) 828-2221 to reserve parks/pavilions or for additional information.
Athletic Use Agreement
Park/Pavilion Rental Agreement

Contact Dave Reynolds, Street Superintendent/Director of Public Services at (330) 828-0082 or email with question or for addition information.

Dalton is blessed to be the starting point for a family friendly walking path with parking and restrooms at the Village Green Park.  The trail follows a beautiful route through the country and ends in Stark County at the Bottoms Park in Massillon.


Through collaborative efforts and partnerships, the Dalton Police Department guards the life, property, and constitutional rights of all. The Department pursues justice with compassion and respect for all citizens to ensure a safe and secure community.

The Dalton Police Department, trusted and respected by the entirety of its citizens, proactively and cooperatively serves the community by providing exceptional police services that enable the safety, security, and well-being of all citizens.

Integrity - We conduct ourselves with uncompromised honesty, honor, and ethics.

Human Dignity - We acknowledge and recognize the value, worth, and rights of all citizens.

Justice - We serve our community in an unbiased and impartial manner, applying equal
protection to all under the law.

Professionalism - We are accountable to ourselves and the public for the quality of our service.
We seek to continuously improve ourselves, our department, and our community

Leadership - We entrust and demand that our members lead ethically and responsibly within
the Department and in the community we serve.
All Officer are certified CIT and are encouraged to update this training so that they may better understand citizens in need.

DPD has a certified counselor on staff who is also a Police Officer. His duties include assisting first responders who experience countless critical incidents, traumatic events, and routine work stress on a daily basis. These stressors can have a significant impact on the physical, mental, and relational health of first responders and their families. Learning to recognize these needs in officers help our department be more balanced as professionals. Officers with good mental welfare and health provide better service for residents.

DPD has two Certified SRO’s. We are the only School district that has one in each of the Dalton campuses.

DPD has one Officer attached to the US Marshals Fugitive Task force. His main responsibility is to assist with locating missing and abducted children in Wayne, and surrounding, counties. He also assists with yearly compliance checks of registered sex offenders in neighboring counties.

DPD has a certified Paramedic, Firefighter Level2, Fire investigator technician, Arson investigator, Fire instructor, BLS instructor and Tactical paramedic. This officer provides training to the Police Department in various areas. 

DPD has one certified Drone piolet with a FAA Part 107, with plans to certify additional officers in the near future.

DPD has one officer on the Governor’s Safety Office, which includes such programs as Prom Education, driver safety programs, Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over, Click-it or Ticket, and high school seat belt survey.

Life Saving Award 
DPD Officer was called to a disturbance and quickly recognized that two males needed medical attention due to drug overdose. Both men were in an area hospital for over 10 days and nearly died. The Officers quick decision making did save these men’s lives.

Citation of Merit 
DPD Officer was awarded a Citation of Merit from US Marshal Peter J Elliott, Cleveland Division for his efforts in working thirty hours straight to help capture a fugitive wanted in a double homicide.

Officer of the Year 
The Wayne County Children Services Board has recognized a DPD Officer as their Officer of the Year.

The Dalton Village Fire Department was established by an Emergency Resolution on December 27, 2022.  The new department will be fully operational on January 1, 2024.  We are extremely grateful and appreciative of the brave men and women of the East Wayne Fire District. We look forward to working with them during this period of transition.

The Dalton Community has had a Fire Department in the Village since 1877. As we move forward, our goal is to faithfully serve the community while honoring those who came before us.

We want the thank everyone for their support as we make a smooth and seamless transition to the Dalton Village Fire Department.

You can click here to access an application for employment for fire department positions.  

Employment applications are also available at Village Hall, or by request by emailing  

Mayor Patrick Sword
John Hostetler
Don Meager
Council Member- vacant until voting at council meeting on 6-17-2024
Dave Reynolds, Street Superintendent/Director of Public Services
Don Thacker

** Please Note** Due a conflict with staffing availability, the Village of Dalton will be unable to schedule burials on Friday, April 5,2024 or Saturday, April 6, 2024.

Village Residents - $575.00
Non-residents - $775.00

Weekdays - $650.00
Service arriving at the cemetery after 2:30 will be charged an additional $100 per hour from 3:00 P.M. until the grave is closed.

Saturday - $825.00
Service arriving at the cemetery on Saturday will be charged an additional $100 per hour from 12:00 P.M. until the grave is closed.

No Burials on Sundays or Holidays

Babyland Graves - $75.00
O/C Less then 36" - $200.00
O/C 36"- 48" - $275.00

Standard - $200.00
With fiberglass vault - $275.00
Saturdays - $350.00

Oversized vaults - $1350.00
(Larger then 36” x 96”)

Open/Close $1100.00

Contact Ohio Monuments at 330.828.8194 for foundation pricing.

Please contact Village Hall for general information (330.828.2221) or  Dave Reynolds, Director of Public Services, (330.828.0082) with specific questions, requests for information or plot availability/purchases during regular business hours only (no Saturday or Sunday calls, please). 
As of August 1, 2021, the Village of Dalton has contracted with CCA - Division of Taxation  to administer all income tax functions, including payment and tax returns. 


The Village's income tax structure remains the same, the tax rate is 1.5% with 100% residence credit, not to exceed 1.5% for taxes paid to another municipality.

Please contact CCA - Division of Taxation, Monday through Friday, at 1.800.223.6317 or 216.664.2070 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  

Additional information at

Mail Payments and Returns to:
CCA - Division of Taxation
205 W. Saint Clair Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113-1503

CCA Division of Taxation offers residents no cost, tax preparation service. Click the link to download a Taxpayer Assistance form. 
CCA Taxpayer Assistance Form

Click here for Village of Dalton Municipal Tax Return Form

Click here for Quarterly Estimated Tax Payment Form

Click here for Employers' Quarterly Return Form

Q. Who must file?
A. All full or part time residents of the Village 18 years of age and older are required to file a yearly tax return whether or not any tax is due. Also, any nonresident who owns rental property within the Village limits must file an annual tax return.

Q. What is the income tax rate?
A. The Village of Dalton's income tax rate is 1.5%. This is payable on you're gross income.

Q. What if my employer already withholds tax?
A. The Village will give credit up to 1.5% for taxes paid to another municipality. If the tax base is less then 1.5%, the balance is paid to the Village. If it is more then 1.5%, no credit is given for the difference since the original tax was not paid to the Village.

Q.  What if I am self-employed or do not work for an employer that withholds municipal taxes?
A.  If you estimate that you will owe $200 or more in tax (after credits and withholding, if any), then you should make quarterly estimated payments.  These estimated payments may be required if you have taxable income that is not subject to withholding, if you have business income in an Ohio municipality and/or if you owe additional tax to the municipality where you reside. Common examples include: lump sum payments related to employment, self-employment income, or other sources of income not subject to employer withholding.  If you are required to make estimated payments and do not, you may be subject to penalty and interest.

Q. What if I moved during the year?
A. Whether you moved into or out of the Village, you are still liable for the time of the year you resided within the Village limits. You should always notify the tax department of any address changes.

Q. When is the return due?
A. The return is due April 15. Penalty and interest will be added accordingly for those who file late.

Q. Are business or rental losses deductible for W-2 wages?
A. No

Q. What about military income?
A. Military pay is not taxable for the Village.

Q. Is disability income taxable?
A.  Partial disability income is taxable for the Village; permanent disability income is not taxable for the Village.
2020-2021 Audit Report​​​
2018-2019 Audit Report


Regular Meetings (held at Village Hall unless noted otherwise): 
BPA Committee -Takes place the 3rd Monday of every month starting @ 5:00pm
Finance Committee -Takes place the 3rd Monday of every month starting @ 5:30pm
Village Council Regular Meeting -Takes place the 3rd Monday of every month starting @ 6pm.

Special Meeting- June 11.2024 @ 6:30pm . Meeting will take place at Village Hall.
Agenda: To interview and Hire for the position of Administrative Assistant to the Mayor if council so chose to do so.

2024 Meeting Recordings 
Jan 9,2024 
Feb 19, 2024  
March 18,2024 Part 1 
March 18,2024 Part 2 
Special Meeting April 8, 2024 
Council Meeting April 15, 2024  
Special Meeting April 26, 2024 
Special Meeting May 6, 2024  
Council Meeting May 20, 2024 Part 1 
Council Meeting May 20, 2024 Part 2 ​​​

2023 Meeting Recordings                                                            
Jan 9, 2023 Part 1                                                                        
Jan 9, Part 2                                                                                   
Feb 14, 2023 Part 1
Feb 14 Part 2
March 14
April 11 2023
May 9 - Part 1
May 9 - Part 2
July Part 1
July Part 2
August 8
September 12
October 10 - Part 1
October 10 Part 2
Nov 14
Dec 12 
Dec 26 Special Meeting Part 1
Dec 26 Special part 2

2023 Meeting Minutes
January 9 Regular 
 Feb 14 Regular
March 14 Regular
April Regular
May Regular
June Regular
July Regular
August Regular
September Regular
Oct 3 Special
October 10
Oct 16 Special
Oct 25 Special
Nov Regular

2022 Meeting Recordings                                                        2022 Meeting Minutes
Dec 27 Special Fire and EMS                                                    Dec 27 Special meeting
Dec 22 Special Fire and EMS                                                    Dec 22 Special meeting
Dec 19 Regular meeting                                                           Dec 19
Dec 15 Special Meeting-Fire Service                                       Dec 15 Special meeting
Dec 12 Special Meeting EWFD 1                                              Dec 12 Special meeting
Dec 12 Special Meeting EWFD 2
Nov 21 Regular                                                                            Nov 2022
October 17 Regular                                                                    Oct 2022
Sept 26 Special Accept Amounts and Rates                           September 2022 Special Meeting
September 2022                                                                         Sept 2022
Sept 12 2022 Special EWFD Reps                                            Sept 12 Special
August 2022                                                                                August 2022 
July 2022                                                                                      July 2022
June 29 Special EWFD Articles of Incorp                                June 2022 Special meeting
June 2022                                                                                    June 2022 
May 2022                                                                                    May 2022
April - Not available                                                                   April 2022
March Part 1                                                                               March 2022
March Part 2
March Post Exec Session
February 2022                                                                           February 2022
January 2022                                                                              January 2022

Formed in 1978 with a mission to collect, preserve and display historical material, the Dalton Community Historical Society is located at 115 East Main Street, Dalton.  The Society is open the first Sunday of each month from 1PM-4PM, holds open houses throughout the year, and is open by appointment.  

The Old Eagle Hotel and Tavern:  Build as a log cabin in 1821, the building was donated to the Society by Mr. and Mrs. Loyal Santmyer and moved to its present site in July 1979.

Fire/Carriage House:  Our newest building is home to a 1936 Reo Seagraves fire truck, the town's second fire truck, a circa-1875 Schultz wagon, Scouting and FFA displays.

Museum:  Housing the majority of displays, the Museum was dedicated in 1996.  It features collections of photographs, school memorabilia, and many nostalgic items from Dalton's past.

Hours of Operation:  The Society is open the first Sunday of each month from 1PM-4PM and is open by appointment.  

Become a member of the Dalton Community Historical Society!
Meetings are held the second Monday of each month starting @ 6:30pm.

Annual Memberships:
Individual - $15.00
Couple - $25.00
Business - $35.00
Student - $1.00
Lifetime - $200.00

Donations of historical significance to Dalton's past are always welcome!

Dalton Community Historical Society
PO Box 273, Dalton, Ohio 44618

For additional information, please call Town Hall at 330.828.2221 
  • 1 West Main Street, Dalton, OH, USA
  • PO Box 493